Regulators worldwide make great efforts in order to fight against money laundering and financing of terrorism. Continuously increasing regulatory requirements and new money laundering incidents on one side as well as the need to fulfill increasing obligation for executive care on the other side, exposes financial intermediaries to ongoing legal and reputation risks.

A flexible and future-oriented organization, efficient and effective employee training as well as structured and productive instructions and processes are indispensable premises in order to persist existing and new challenges in the field of anti-financial crime compliance.

GWC consultants support you with technical consulting, project management and business analysis such as:

  • Health-Checks relating to new regulations (file remediation taking charge of client dossiers, disclosure of soft spots in the compliance organization)
  • Implementation of new regulations (anti-money-laundering revision, AIA, FATCA, FIDLEG, MiFID II)
  • Internal investigation of anti-money-laundering supervision
  • Implementation of new business models (digital strategies for example online account opening, online consulting, new payment solutions etc.)