Credit institutions are confronted with an intense competition and a steadily changing market, which results in the necessity to implement an efficient risk management to significantly raise the success of the business model. At the same time the actually implemented regulatory requirement „BCBS239“ and future regulatory initiatives in the context of Basel IV increase the pressure, as they require updated risk processes and new IT-architectures. In this context risk management will constantly receive high attention by the authorities and in the future – with SREP – the focus will even be higher.

One of the major challenges will be to scrutinize and optimize established processes, models and systems within your risk management framework. All significant risks, the credit institution is exposed to, need to be identified and quantified accordingly. On this basis target-orientated governance impulses and risk mitigating measures need to be taken. At the same time enough flexibility within the risk management framework needs to be ensured to implement future requirements in time and budget.