change – new rules for accounting

For you as a client of the financial sector, the requirements for accounting and financial reporting are constantly changing at national and international level. So current organisations, processes and systems – and your employees above all – face new challenges almost permanently. The satisfaction of current or new accounting requirements do not belong in the strategic remit of a financial services provider, and instead must function robustly, efficiently and at low risk as an integral part of the business processes. Your accounting system must produce the «right number», depending on the method applied.

At Geissbühler Weber Consulting, we gladly assist in the preparation of your accounting system for current and future challenges and hence guarantee smooth implementation of statutory and regulatory requirements. Our teams have accompanied financial services providers of all persuasions for over a decade, helping to enshrine new rules or reinterpretations of existing rules within all systems and processes of relevance to accounting and thus ensuring that your employees will produce the right number determined by the new requirements, consistently, efficiently and at low risk.